Saturday, 18 June 2011

Taxi For A Prince!

So Prince Harry is bored with the last toy in the toy box -  his Action Man Blues and Royals recce AFV.  Now he wants to be an Apache gunship flyer; and what spoilt Harry wants, he gets.
  Pity the poor bloody infantry who will now be down on one of their most fearsome and efficient fire-power back-ups as molly-coddled Lieutenant Wales struts around Camp Bastion wearing his pilot's rig, oblivious of his (non-reported by the frivolous Mainstream Media) SF-protected bubble.
  The British Army have 67 such aircraft, some of which are used for training.  So the amount of Apache's available to our ground commanders in the middle of Taliban shit-storms is therefore less than that figure - link - and now the boys and girls in uniform have one less back-up because of this clown. 
  Let's hope he doesn't take it into his head to become an astronaut.  Because if he does, it'll be us mugs that pay for the spoilt bastard's latest whim.  
  Here's a Daily Mail portrait featuring a pair of Walter Mittys wearing medals they are not entitled to - link.  To have earned (as opposed to being given by Granny) the 2002 Golden Jubilee medal, service personnel had to have enlisted back in 1997 and served five years continuous service... a bit difficult if you're born in 1984 and so only 13 years old at the time.  Are they entitled to it?  The MOD have been emailed... 15 days turn-around.
... the MOD's own criteria - link.
  Let's hope he doesn't take it into his head to become Brigadier Special Forces.

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