Friday, 17 June 2011

Visit Glittering Newham, Jewel of the East End

Labour-infested Newham Borough Council has been under the spotlight again this week as the hungry little piglets of East London yet again gorge at the trough, in the full knowledge that no repercussions will arise in a town hall corrupt from top to bottom - Labour won all 60 council seats in May 2010. A rancid political landscape given that all politicians bar none are out for themselves.
  Such a landslide is ripe for corruption, and seeing as so-called 'Labour' politicians are the furthest you'll get from 'egalitarianism, community and human solidarity', let's take a look at their time in office...
Newham council bosses tear into cash
provided by motorists and residents
  Somebody reign that pig in, will you, it's biting into my bank account... ahem... let me begin on Newham, a test tube laboratory of what goes wrong when no-one is watching the sharks.

  Spend, spend, spend is endemic in London's poorest borough: last winter the council decided it would be a brilliant idea to splash out #1,800 on individual designer lights, prompting Local Government Minister Bob Neill to say: 'Such monumental waste is scandalous.'- BBC link.
  But hey; none of this matters... motorists in Newham pick up a big chunk of the tab in outrageous parking charges, thus driving shoppers away from the area and into the out of town supermarkets.  Londoner's generally also have to cough up for the crackpots of Newham with a hundred million subsidy.
  Other gems from the champagne socialists from crack-pot land....
  Councillors in one of Britain's poorest boroughs on double the salary of the Prime Minister - link.
  In April the high-living 'socialists' ordered 130,000 bailiff call-outs to harrass motorists and council tax payers - sharp-eyed reporter Matt Nicholls on the Newham Recorder - link.  Newham is in the top five of 'authorities' to call out bailiffs.  A necessary step, given the high salaries of the parasites running the show.
  Daniel Hamilton, director of Big Brother Watch, said: 'The coalition government must act now to end the culture of bully-boy debt collection which has taken hold in town halls across the country.
  'Sending in bailiffs to recover debts should always be the absolute last resort. The fact local councils have passed more than six million cases to bailiffs for matters as trivial as the late payment of council taxes and parking fines is truly shocking.'
  All For One (Himself) former trade union official Joe Duckworth, the country's highest-earning town hall chief, was in line last July for the biggest redundancy pay-off in town hall history - link.  A message from 'socialist' Joe: 'Thank you Newham residents.  It's been a pleasure, you mugs.'
  Jobs slashed but the party still goes on for those in the 'socialist' clique - link.
  And a ream of Taxpayers Alliance reports hammering this disgusting gang of crooks - link

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