Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Calling Croydon Car Drivers - you're being ripped off!

Eyebrows have been raised in the south London borough of Croydon, where it has been revealed that residents have stumped up a cool £500,000  paying for the right to PARK OUTSIDE THEIR OWN HOMES.
  On-street residential parking is often seen by Londoners as 'the norm', yet parking is free in upmarket areas such as Hampstead and Brent Cross.  Actually, paying to park in places like Newham (Britain's poorest borough) and Croydon (second worst council tax collectors in England (link) is viewed by those north of Watford as pretty outrageous... especially when you consider where that cash is going.
  Newham residents will be pleased to note that (if the cash stripped from their household budget is anything like Croydon's half million) it goes to pay for people like Britain's most well-paid council boss, champagne-socialist trade union chief cum smug council grasper Joe Duckworth who's obscene take-home pay and perks raised feathers earlier this year in the Daily Mail (link) and other media - nearly £300,000 a year.
   Useless Croydon council seem to have gone for the far more visible target of car drivers.
  The overpaid graspers in the town hall have produced a helpful online guide, which reveals that charges are: £70 a year for the first permit, £116 for the second one and a whopping £280 per year for the third permit... on top of which there's a £27 admin fee for a fresh permit.  Croydon Borough link.
  But fear not - exemptions are available.  For council bosses and their families, permits can be free of charge - fellow blogger link.
  Now, as for the rest of you...  You gotta pay for the luxurient lifestyles of the council fatcats so get back to fucking work - or else.

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