Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How On Earth Is She Clinging On?

As Met officers current and former squirm under Keith Vaz's scrutiny at Westminster's Home Affairs Select Comittee, we wave goodbye to a 'newspaper' synonymous with sleezy malpractice.
  Paediatricians and anyone making a PDF-file can now sigh a breath of relief as the red-top slides along the gutter and into history, (to be replaced, one would assume by the same team on the Sunday Sun.  Thanks, Rupert.  Thanks a lot).
  Yet we don't say goodbye to the woman at the helm of the News of the World at the time of the dirtiest digging, who is now chief executive of News International.
News International, Wapping
  Rebekah Brooks, nee Wade, has the public support of billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who when asked what his priorities were a few days ago, nodded to Brooks.
  'This one,' he replied.
  Daily Mail link.
  How on Earth could she receive so much support despite being publicly villified, for amongst other things, allowing material from hacked mobile phone conversations, most disturbingly those of murdered girls, to be turned into sensationalist ogling?
  Mainstream media seem to be coming to the conclusion that her role is to act as firebreak, insulating Murdoch's son James from the heat - a possibility.  Or maybe, seeing as her modus operandi is to dig dirt on people and then use this 'bucket of shit' for her own ends, perhaps she's had her dirty raincoats watching the Murdoch family itself.
   (An Ausralian politician received a call from a Murdoch hack, who asked, 'What'll it be?  A headline a day or a bucket of shit a day?' - John Pilger link.
  An unusual insurance policy to the rest of us, but we're talking about the gutter press here, an inverted world where only the lowest, most cynical abusers of others get to the top - Conflict Media: link
  Murdoch's insidious links into the social fabric are many.  He is ranked by Forbes as the 13th most powerful person in the world (2010).  From dumbed-down newspaper articles in the building site canteen designed to focus attention away from workers concerns and onto David Beckham's latest metro-man idiocy, to the self-censorship of journalists and editors who fall into line - or else they're down the road - to the 'Directors of Communications' and such like that he has smoothly clamped onto the shoulders of party leaders. 

  We watched as Blair, the Orwellian-titled 'Middle East Peace Envoy', broke into his busy campaign schedule to suck up to Murdoch at his exclusive Hayman Island resort off the coast of Australia in 1995 - link.  He addressed the annual News Corp conference.
  Bill Hicks had a term for people like Murdoch and George Carlin put it down as neatly as I've ever heard... link
  David Cameron had News of the World (Murdoch) former editor Andy Coulson at his shoulder as Director of Communications.  Realising Coulson's toxicity, Cameron's replaced him for Craig Oliver.  He spent two years in the late Nineties at Sky's (Murdoch's) Five News.  Oliver's wife, TV broadcast journalist Joanna Gosling, is a former Sky (Murdoch) presenter - link.
 Ed Miliband has Tom Baldwin - a Times (Murdoch) senior journalist.  It was Baldwin, friend of Alistair Campbell, who named Dr David Kelly as whistleblower.  (Covered more fully in Conflict Resource Wars - link.)
  Politicians, journalists, cops... all seem to be coming a cropper.  Now for the words a real politician once said.  Indeed, a proper, RESPECTED journalist.  One at the sharp end, and for whom grubbing about on mobile phones would have been unthinkable.
  'Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.' 
  Winston Churchill, speech 1942.
  Twitter, Facebook, blogs and internet, mobile phones with video capacity, Google and Ian Tomlinson... the tide is turning, and the connected generation are everywhere.  In the kettles where the kids get their heads smashed by fired-up uniformed thugs who have volunteered for riot cop duty, in the MPs expenses office where the off duty Afghanistan vets shake their heads at the claims for moat clearances and chocolate bars, on the frontlines of the Middle East when they return to duty and watch as they get used as a photoshoot backdrop for a priveledged millionaire Prime Minister who has never heard a shot fired in anger... watching and waiting for the grapsers, the thugs, the thieves and the liars to come undone.  Light shall shine into the darkest corners, and we shall be watching as the train crash that was the media, government, education and economic systems comes to a shattering stop. 
  It's called waking up. 
  Here's to a long, hot summer.
Diary of a Benefit Scrounger astute blog on the subject - link.



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