Monday, 11 July 2011

Just Do It Premier

Just Do It - a tale of modern day outlaws, a film documentary featuring many comrades from the activist community, has held it's premiere in London. 
Director Emily James addresses the premier audience
   Guardian link.  It tells the story of a variety of activists, including Meltdown co-founder Marina Pepper, as they fight against the system in actions ranging from Copenhagen, Vestas, G-20 and Ratcliffe Power Station.
  Director Emily James told the Guardian:  'I could see that a much more important film could be made by capturing the events before and after the actions, letting the audience get to know the people who were willing to risk their liberties, and even their lives, to protest. I believed in what they were doing and wanted to help get their message out.'
  Indeed it does, and serves as a useful template for activists new to the fight, explaining basic tactics and methods such as D-locks, lock-on tubes, mission planning, police response and more.
  I found it useful as a detailed explanation of my motives to my non-activist partner who really enjoyed herself and, I hope, has taken a further step towards the fight-back.
  Facebook link. YouTube preview link, website link.
Emily James at the London premier

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