Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Traitors to the last...

Train maker Bombardier, which recently missed out on the £1.4bn Thameslink contract to German group Siemens, plans to cut more than 1,400 jobs at its Derby plant - link.
  The news is the latest in a long line of back-stabbing by the industrialists, bankers and politicians who have done so much harm to our country and fellow citizens.
Last scraps of an ironworks, Derbyshire's Stanton
  A few miles east, in Stanton-by-Dale, there was an ironworks  It used to pump out pipes and manhole street ironware such as manhole covers; you'll see the name Stanton on a large portion of the inspection chambers you step over.  In the Second World War it played a part in bringing down Hitler, making bombs. 
  Gone.  And with it, hundreds of livelihoods.
  Mining industry - gone.  In the same neck if the woods is DH Lawrence's Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, nick-named 'BrownTown' by the locals.  Brown being a street term for heroin; a dispossessed red-brick waste, marking time.
  The list is long - and insane (if we can step for a moment outside the box marked 'capitalism').
  North Sea oil and gas - sold off to the highest bidder rather than rationed out for future generations to utilise.  
  Renewable energy -  the country's wind turbine blade manufacturer closed its (only) Isle of Wight operation.  If ever there was an industry that deserved input... instead the banks get propped up.  Is it by chance that both Cameron and Clegg's fathers are bankers?
Where the steel men now live: Sheffield's Park Hill
  Steel industry - gone.
  Shipping - gone.   Despite 95% of our trade carried by sea - government's own report - link.
  Textile, manufacturing... in short: industry.
  And in it's place a service economy dependent on the whims of chance.  Banking, insurance, call centres.  In other words, people sat on their arses shuffling paper.
  The one thing we do manufacture, and manufacture it well, is nothing to be proud of.  Arms.  Which right now are cutting swathes through the protestors in the Middle East.

   If you are in any doubt that the government - any British government - has the interests of the people at heart, then you are very mistaken.  Instead, to my eyes... they are traitors.

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