Thursday, 25 August 2011

They Just Can't Stop Themselves

Former Home Secretary Jacui Smith is under fire for using two prisoners as skivvys in her home.
  The pair were supposed to be doing community work, but Ms Smith - who's expenses bill famously included her husbands porn and even an 88p bath plug - smelt a deal and had them painting awy. An inquiry is underway - BBC link.
  Clearly missing the point of community work (ie clearing out the gardens of elderly and infirm people), Ms Smith said on LBC: 'Well, just to set, I hope, the record a little bit straight, these are guys that were working with a local community organisation. They do a whole range of odd jobs and working in the local community.'
  If only New 'Labour' had had the same same eye for a deal... maybe we wouldn't be stretched to breaking point right now.

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