Wednesday, 28 September 2011


So Ed Miliband sees fit to dispense the wisdom that reward should be linked to effort.
  He criticised the country's fast buck culture and stated 'growth is built on sand if it comes from our predators and not our producers' - BBC link.
  Er, one minor point, Ed.  Your own brother David is, right now, following in Blair's footsteps and grasping at every directorship and freeby going...  with earnings of over a third of a million in the past year, including a £75k directorship at Sunderland FC, and various speaking appointments, David is the progidy of cash-obsessed former 'Labour' leader Tony Blair - Daily Mail link.
  A far cry from real labour, as in... hard work, toil and sweat.  Give it fifteen years - or less - and we'll see Ed on the same lecture circuit.  Because it's all hot air.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Studying the Champagne Socialists

So Strauss-Kahn returns to France, the former IMF chief's presidential bid in tatters for having the temerity to unearth the fact that there's no gold in that thar Fort Knox - link.
  It was revealing to see how easily Bill Hicks' 'industrialist scumfucks', who hold the strings over our so-called 'leaders', threw the French banker (son of a tax lawyer and a journalist - how bad can it get?!) to the wolves and watched as the pathetic, inane mainstream media huffed and puffed about the ridiculous sexual assault allegations.  Reminiscent of many other press mistakes; first the breathless front page quoting 'sources close to' and all the rest of that crap.  Then later, once the evidence is disproven, the three-paragraph retraction is buried at the back of the paper on Page Z... what's the betting that's where this new information is heading.
  But enough of the treatment of our so-called leaders (former IMF chief Kahn was in line for the presidency until he displayed an unnerving tendency to stray off message) by our so-called media (other toilet papers are available).  Let's try to withold our symapthy for a moment for this underdog who exposed the wrong-doings of the super-elite.  Because Kahn is a member of the hypocritical club of champagne socialists.
  Let's take a look at these laughably labelled 'left' and 'socialist' politicians that the working class is expected to admire and vote for.  So strap yourselves in all you trade unionists and Labour voters... and meet your fellow brothers in the class struggle, covered in the sweat of toil, the dust of building sites and with ears still ringing from machinery of the factories and workshops.  Yeah, right.  Let us step into the rarified atmosphere of the super-rich soocialists, and peer into their diamnond-encrusted world...
  Lord Mandelson, New Labour, former spin-doctor for Kinnock.
Schooling - Keeping it in the family, our affected lefty firebrand attended Hendon County Grammar School before going on to become a member of the Young Communist League, but don't let that fool you about Brother Mandelson's meritocratic credentials.  Grandad was a deputy prime minister back in the day (see 'parents' below).
Parents - pater was an advertising manager at Jewish Chronicle. His mother's father was Herbert Morrison, a Labour Deputy Prime Minister in Clement Attlee's post-war cabinet - link.
Personal wealth - took out an interest-free loan of £373,000 from millionaire so-called 'Labour' MP Geoffrey Robinson in 1996 - which he failed to declare. Millionairre 'Labour' MPs?  Surely an oxymoron!  Mandelson once said that he was 'relaxed about people getting filthy rich'.  
  Other dabbles with the super-rich by our little so-called commie friend... spent New Year 2004 on the luxury yacht of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.  Holidayed in August 2008 on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska's yacht.  Senior advisor to investment bankers Lazard Ltd.  Invited guest of the Bilderberg Group in 1999, 2009 and 2011.  Barely a year after leaving government he made an offer to buy an £8 million townhouse in an exclusive area of London.
 Strauss Kahn. French Socialist Party.
  Schooling - the prestigious Lycee Carnot public school - link. Notable former students include former French president Jaques Chirac and World Trade Organisation president Pascal Lamy.
Parents - specialist tax lawyer (m) and journalist (f).
Personal wealth - currently married to third wife, heiress and journalist Anne SInclair, heir to a chunk of the fortune of top art dealer Paul Rosenberg (1881-1959). They own houses in Washington, Paris and Marrakesh.  As you do.
  Tony Blair. New Labour.
Schooling - Fettes College, Edinburgh, notables include judges, generals, cabinet members and top business figures  - link.  He went on to study law, the prep school of choice for back-stabbing, devious-tongued polticians.
Parents - father Leo was a tax inspector and law lecturer, and had been secretary of the Scottish Young Communist League but subsequently swung to the Tories.  Leo's wife was Hazel Blair.
Personal wealth - as leader of the opposition, Blair's star rose brightly when he visited media oligarch Rupert Murdoch at the billionairre's Australian Hayman Island resort.  Perma-tan and gleaming smile firmly in place, Blair returned to the support of News International, after who knows what seedy back-room deal.  After leaving politics, Blair entered the lecture circuit, and now commands up to $250,000 for a 90 minute talk.
  Adviser to investment bankers JPMorgan and insurers Zurich Financial Services, his annual salary is ove $7 million - link.
  'The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.'
  George Orwell, Animal Farm
  Socialists?  A load of shit.


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Friends Like These - Libya / CIA BritGov Intelligence links

With friends like these…  documents  unearthed by activists Human Rights Watch (HRW) reveal that Western intelligence services colluded with Gaddafi’s thugs to provide the Libyan dictator’s goons  with information on dissidents in the UK, the organisation claims – BBC link, updated link.
  HRW investigators were hot on the heels of advancing rebels and found a ‘treasure trove’ of documents at Gaddafi's former spy chief's offices which suggested close cooperation between Libya’s dictator and the West.  Linking the CIA and MI6 with contentious clandestine activities, some activities have been denied for years despite investigations by NGOs and the media.  These include CIA-organised renditions between Western intelligence agencies and the Libya regime.  The discovery at the External Security government building is a source of embarrassment for the British government, who are refusing to comment on the matter. 
  Sources claim that when Libya was being reinstated from pariah status to ‘people we can do business with’ some years ago, British government experts helped redraft the regime’s semi-literate speeches which were reported internationally at the time.   Cash-obsessed former Prime Minister Tony Blair was brokering deals on behalf of British oil firms; but that’s just a complete coincidence...  if you are aged seven and your favourite possession is a fleece security blanket. 
  Meanwhile, on the mainstream channel, there's some fascinating insights into what the star celebrities carry in their handbags... the boring plastic fuckers.