Saturday, 3 September 2011

Friends Like These - Libya / CIA BritGov Intelligence links

With friends like these…  documents  unearthed by activists Human Rights Watch (HRW) reveal that Western intelligence services colluded with Gaddafi’s thugs to provide the Libyan dictator’s goons  with information on dissidents in the UK, the organisation claims – BBC link, updated link.
  HRW investigators were hot on the heels of advancing rebels and found a ‘treasure trove’ of documents at Gaddafi's former spy chief's offices which suggested close cooperation between Libya’s dictator and the West.  Linking the CIA and MI6 with contentious clandestine activities, some activities have been denied for years despite investigations by NGOs and the media.  These include CIA-organised renditions between Western intelligence agencies and the Libya regime.  The discovery at the External Security government building is a source of embarrassment for the British government, who are refusing to comment on the matter. 
  Sources claim that when Libya was being reinstated from pariah status to ‘people we can do business with’ some years ago, British government experts helped redraft the regime’s semi-literate speeches which were reported internationally at the time.   Cash-obsessed former Prime Minister Tony Blair was brokering deals on behalf of British oil firms; but that’s just a complete coincidence...  if you are aged seven and your favourite possession is a fleece security blanket. 
  Meanwhile, on the mainstream channel, there's some fascinating insights into what the star celebrities carry in their handbags... the boring plastic fuckers. 

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