Friday, 29 June 2012

Scroungers Don't Back Miliband

A Tory poll reveals that 67% of Labour voters agree that child benefit should be stripped from workshy parents with too many kids - Labour opposed the proposed cap (DM link).  When will Miliband and this Islington posse understand that, out on the estates where real people live, workers watch the workshy longterm jobless as they slob about in Jeremy Kyle fashion? Teeth bared, Staffy dogs unmuzzled, cider-swilling yobs roam in packs, their every need catered for.  When will 'Labour' get it that these people aren't potential voters; they simply couldn't give a monkeys for either party, as long as their weekly beer and cigarette tokens are dropped into the cash machine.
  As long as they don't get it, real labour - people who work on building sites, in factories and the such like (people who work) - will turn away in droves.  To mistake the underclass for the working class is an insult to anyone who has to climb out of bed of a morning and head for work.

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