Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cash in Hand Kerfuffle

Con-Dem buffoon and Treasury minister David Gauke has slated those who pay tradesmen cash in hand as ‘morally wrong’ – BBC link.
  According to Oxford-educated Tory lawyer David, hard-pressed citizens who go for the cheaper option are incurring ‘a big cost’ on the Treasury, making others pay more.
  If lawyer David and his kind stopped chucking money at chancers such as A4E boss Emma Harrison, who paid herself £8.4million from public funds in 2011 (link) – there might be a lot ‘more’ left in the pot.  Grasping Emma is just one of the many spivs and hucklers who’ve got the ear of these dopes in charge of UKPLC.  The same crooks who made worldwide headlines with their fraudulent expense claims a few years ago; Gauke himself fiddled his expenses, claiming £10,248 in stamp duty on his second home in London - Wikilink.  Check out the comments on the Torygraph blog; even Thatcher’s Children are wound up by this clown – link.    John’s comment deserves special mention: I'll tell you what I find morally repugnant. It's a bunch of incompetent, lying politicians spending £171bn more than they receive in taxes, year after year, in the manner most likely to get them re-elected by the people they bribe. You and I are left to pick up the tab for this disastrous fraud. It is every citizen's duty to starve this monstrous government of cash - and your plumber and builder are there to help.’
  It’s achievable; pay in cash.  Dentists, builders, wedding photographers; the whole of the Yellow Pages in glorious, cheaper collusion.
A bricklayer doing a cash in hand job, happy to spend his money in the British economy.  The cash he was paid by the customer was taxed before she got her salary, and when he goes into the shops, he gets taxed again.  SO FUCK OFF, politicians; you've had two bites of the cherry.  You'd only waste it on shite, anyway.
  Let me explain to David and all the other cosseted public sector managers how it is in the real world; the good guy who adds tax to his quote doesn’t get the job, jacks in the trade then goes on the dole.  The guy who competes with the lowest price does the job, a customer is happy, and he or she then spends the money earnt IN THE REAL ECONOMY – not dump it into a Swiss bank account, as favoured by Dave’s ‘we’re all in it together’ chums (millionaire George Osborne said that in 2009, and spent New Year 2010/11 in Klosters).  If David wants to cast the spotlight on tax dodgers, he can take a look around the next time he’s on the golf course  - or uber-exclusive Klosters - with his industrialist chums. 
  If he’s short of taxes to scrounge from hard-working folk chucking in an extra Saturday, then why not simply cut some of the crap the Government spend money on?  Aid budgets to countries with their own nuclear weapons and space programmes, perhaps?  Or aircraft carriers with no aircraft to go on them?  How about forcing into work the long-term jobless scroungers who’ve made a lifestyle choice to pump out babies, such as Derby fire couple the Philpotts – the sort of scumbags we have to pay to house and feed, endure their Staffy dogs roaming along the street out of control, endure their mid-week parties till 3am? (that crowd ain’t gotta be up for work in the morning, you can bet the tools in the back of your van on that.  If they last till morning once that crowd call it a night at 5am.)
  There’s lots of places to cut spending.  If Gauke wants to piss off the private sector – those who pay for all these soapy-faced wankers – then that’s a good thing.  It’ll get the real people out on the streets.  Not a bunch of lame hippies and pot-smoking IT managers, but the real working people of Britain; those who have to sweat and toil to get paid.
  Jesus; Dr Seuss couldn’t dream these freaks up.  They can’t be that hard to take down.

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