Thursday, 30 August 2012

Church Guilty Again

RELIGIOUS crackpots have yet again allowed systematic harm to children, it has been revealed.
  Befrocked freaks in the Diocese of Chichester, which in plain English means Sussex, the south coast county west of Kent wherein lies Brighton,  have been up to no good for years, leading to condemnation by no less than chief God-botherer the Archbishop of Canterbury.
  Rowan Williams' team will now oversee appointments and child protection matters in Sussex, where three of the black crows have been charged with child sex offences... a figure unsurprising to anyone who views the whole religious clown act with the suspicion of a cognitivly aware adult who can see beyond the brainwashing of the compulsory education system.
Sussex Diocese play area
 'A whole series of investigations and reports across nearly two decades bears witness to a profoundly unhelpful and negative culture in parts of the diocese that led to its failure to take the action needed,' the report stated, tip-toeing towards the obvious question.
  Which is - if the high and mighty chief Sky-Angel peddlar in Sussex, Bishop John Hind (recently replaced by Bishop Dr Martin Warner who was quick to distance himself from the old regime) has been shielding an entourage of kiddy-fiddlers - is he himself a paedo?  If not, why the replacement? 
 I have asked the question, and will add to this report as and when I get a response.

  Report by the Archbishop's own office - link.  BBC story - link.
  Email to Sussex Diocese:
'Dear Sir or Madam, journalistic enquiry.  In response to the Archbishop of Canterbury's Interim Report regarding child protection in Sussex, can you tell me when and why Bishop John Hind stepped down, and if it was linked to the Archbishop's enquiry?
Regards, Neil Jackson, Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.' 
  Update one day later: response from David Farey, Diocesan Communications Officer:
 'Dear Neil, in answer to your query I include here the original statement concerning Bishop John's retirement below.  Regards, David.'
  The meat of the July 6, 2011 press release read: 'As I shall be nearly 67 I think the time is right for a new Bishop to take over.'
  And that was it.  The sceptical can email me and I'll forward the full reply.  Two months earlier Baroness Butler-Sloss released a church-commissioned report
  No mention of the paedo activities of his lieutenants: contact me on  for the full conversation to be forwarded as I chase this bunch of religious wrong 'uns.  The research is fascinating; Bishop Hind, despite being God's enforcer in the Brighton area, locked horns with Rowan Williams by fighting against civil partnerships (his gofers raping little boys seems to be okay) - Wiki link.  So there's no love lost between Williams and Hind.  Hind is married to a former child protection advisor.
Food for thought - link.  Bishop Wallace Benn, Bishop of Lewes, is now under my scrutiny.  He intends to retire this month.  Coincidence?
  Benn's record: delayed passing on paedo priest crime check - BBC link.
  Gay hassling; gay priest Rev David Page who moved into the Diocese was banned from officiating at ceremonies - link.
  Bishop accused of covering up priest's CRB check - Eastbourne HeraldLink.
  Jesus - this dig around dosn't stop throwing things up - a previous Bishop of Lewes was cautioned in 1993 after being cautioned by police after fiddling with a teenager - local paper Eastbourne Herald link.  Bear in mind a normal perv with no Establishment links would have been locked up.
  Google: Wallace + Benn and the list goes on.  And easy-life PR scumbag David Farey didn't think any of this was worth mentioning.   


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