Saturday, 15 September 2012


Council chief execs at this year's summer ball
Former Kent County Council chief Katherine Kerswell has landed a plumb job overseeing Civil Service ‘reforms’.
  Kerswell, 49, left Kent with a £420,000 pay-off in 2011 after just 20 months work… so she’ll be the ideal pair of hands to turn a blind eye to the industrial-scale trousering of taxpayers cash that goes on in Whitehall.
  Her £142,000 appointment (just £500 less than the PM) overseeing Whitehall was welcomed by Sir Bob Kerslake and Cabinet Office minister Sir Francis Maude.
  Kerslake is no stranger to criticism.  Himself a former local government boss (chief executive of Hounslow then Sheffield City Council) – who jumped from local government gravy train to Whitehall gravy train in January 2012, he chairs the main committee for civil honours… making him the guy who’s been dishing out gongs to all those celebs, bureaucrats and associated other hangers on.  This year’s Queens Honours list included Scottish politico George Reid who faced criticism because he chaired(s?) the body overseeing National Assembly members pay and expenses… then went on to claim a small fortune… in pay and expenses – link.  Thus the money-go-round spins.
 – London Gazette link.   
  Other eye-watering council chief exec pay-offs include:
Cheshire East Erika Wenzel £93,550 – link.
Super-smug Joe Duckworth, former ‘Labour’ boss of London dumping ground Newham and now, bizarrely, chief executive of animal right’s headbangers the League Against Cruel Sports – link.
   The list is long and those left shaking their heads can be forgiven for thinking that, well, there’s only so many county council chief execs.  Think again.  Behind First Class on the gravy train we have all the departmental directors - and they're not likely to be travelling economy either:
  Slough’s education boss Clair Pyper is in line for a £239,000 pay-off - link.  And Slough is just a borough council.
  Liverpool’s community services director Jan Rowley’s £300,000 for missing out  on promotion - link.
  Extrapolate these telephone number figures nationwide, add say half a dozen other of the idiotic or grasping schemes these chancers are up to (such as aid to space-be-programmed India – hey, new word!) and you’ll soon figure out why all Monday’s money (20%) is stopped in your wages.  And when you do get your cash you get hit again for Tuesday’s pay (VAT at 20%).  Not forgetting council tax, road tax, fines from council jobs-worths for leaving the lid on a bin slightly open, fines for parking outside your own home without a valid permit… so it’s Wednesday lunchtime before you can even think about earning for your family.
  Praise be to the education system for leaving us docile, and the media for blinkering us against reality with all that celebrity gossip… otherwise there would be all hell to pay!
  Here’s a little Google search, just to let it sink in a bit more:  council + chief executive + pay-off


Thursday, 6 September 2012

How Communism Works

The son of a top Chinese official has died after smashing his £200,000 Ferrari 458 Spider into a wall whilst allegedly playing a sex game with two women who were seriously injured.
  Ling Gu's death reveals the opulance of communist China's playboy elite.
  The 23-year-old and his companions were either semi or fully naked when the March accident happened - and news has only just started coming out after a media clampdown - Daily Mirror link.  The son of the president's chief of staff, Ling's sportscar was split in half in the Beijing smash-up.
  'Ferrari' 'Little Ling' and 'Prince Ling' were blocked from Chinese micro-blog posts by internet censors.
  George Orwell famously pointed out: 'The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.' Animal Farm.
  Communist Manifesto, modern Chinese version: something to do with redistributing wealth - but who gives a toss?  Let's Parteeeeee!!!!!