Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lt Gen Sir John Kiszely

The BBC have been fast to slam war hero Lt Gen Sir John Kiszely for muttering at 'boring' events.  The same BBC who have slavishly protected paedophile Jimmi Savile for a generation.  Sir John was my overall commander in Bosnia in 1996/1997; the NATO chief in charge of what was called MND SW - Multi National Division South West; the Brit area of operations (and Dutch, although no-one in Bosnia/NATO ever speaks of their role after Srebrenica.)
  General Kiszely seemed a square-away guy, a Bill Clinton of bosses.  I saw him land on our helipad at Gornji Vakuf and again at some bridge for a pressing of hands event with the mayor at some bridge the Gurkha Engineers had built (wooden).  I even steamed in to some of their famous curry - for once without the goat bones because a big boss was eating.  Still streets ahead of the Brit food, lads!
  I thought the guy was squared away then, pre-Google- and googling him I hear he led a company level bayonet attack against the Argentinians on Tumbledown.  Now that's a hero in my book.  
  I'll write the first line of this blog again, with a small amendment: The BBC have been fast to slam war hero Lt Gen Sir John Kiszely for muttering at 'boring' events, allegedly - according to them - turning them into corporate shindigs.  But bear in mind: The BBC spiked  a Newsnight story into the child rapist Jimmy Savile.  The big question is - who calls the shots with the clowns at the BBC? They slag off a war hero, then ignore internal complaints of child rape?  Ahoy - BBC - we're watching you guys.  And when we find you lacking; we'll be onto you!
  During the war these guys were the epitomy of truth.  Now they're a nest of socialists and paedophiles. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Those Town Hall Geniuses Slosh That Dosh Down The Drain Yet Again

A grade II listed stately home has been sold off at auction for £241,000 by a county council now under fire for ‘frittering’ taxpayers money away.
  Set in 25 acres of parkland, Windlestone Hall in Rushyford, County Durham, was thought to be valued at £2million several years ago… but that didn’t stop ‘experts’ at the local county council waving goodbye to the difference in a county where library opening times have been slashed.

Durham Golf Club dignitaries
applaud a county councillor's donation of
taxpayers cash to their trough

  Windlestone is the  birthplace of former Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden (who, incidentally was waited on during Sir Anthony’s cruise to New Zealand by ‘Lord’ John Prescott during a stint as steward (naval term for waiter) which Prescott seems to think makes him a salt of the earth man of the people.  To this working class construction craftsman he was a servile drudge with an eye for an easy number – my Lord Prescott link).  Sir Eden was Prime Minister between 1955 and ’57 (the cruise took off nine days after Sir Anthony left office under the Suez cloud, where we learnt just how ‘special’ our relationship is with America.  They say, we do.  So oop north once again, to County Durham.
  So-called ‘Labour’ council chief is Simon Henig, a political science wonk who followed his lefty MP father’s footsteps into politics.  Labour academics – we building site workers just love ‘em.  There but for the grace of God…  A Miliband clone; just the sight of a hod of bricks would split this ‘Labour’ geek in two.
  Henig whining about restraints urged on his spending:
  So how do we counter this constant supply of misinformation? The only thing we can do is to constantly remind everyone exactly who is responsible for these cuts. We do in Durham – if possible several times a day. Because only when people connect the cuts on the ground with the government responsible for them will we have any chance of turning the tide of public opinion…  That is not (the myths) purpose – the design is purely to create a smokescreen and try to blame Labour councils for the most savage government spending cuts in a generation, probably ever .’
  … including rising anger at excessive pay to top local council fatcats – link.  Remember, so-called Labour were fast to slash services to the most vulnerable so that they could beat their chests at the awfulness of the Con-Dems… even as the champagne socialists stuff their pockets with our cash.  I’m no friend of the Con-Dems – I think all politicians are despicable.  Amongst their ranks we’ve got Hitler and Stalin, Pol Pot and the Argentinian Junta.  Saddam and Dear Leader Kim, in whose North Korea I hear experiments are carried out on live infants (as the Left looks elsewhere – mass cowardice).   ‘Labour’ is the biggest con of them all; not an ounce of labour in ‘em.
   Council tax in County Durham pays for Durham County News, a happy-clappy freesheet crammed with posturing councillors plugging themselves.  Band E council taxpayers (a typical £88-120k home) fork out over £1,500 a year for the bins to be emptied (a ‘Labour’ feeding frenzy that one, with their bin spies, bin fines etc) and street lights to be lit.  Oh, and the public sector bumpkins and parasites that enliven our lives.
  Those guys that now charge us (or our builder) £350 just to have a skip outside our house for a couple of weeks.  Or banning white vans from using the local council tip… leading to laybys used as dumps by ever-squeezed jobbing builders undercutting one another.  Genius, that one.  That’s why we pay so much, to keep those razor-sharp minds working for us.
 We often hear the refrain –to the effect of ‘Top public sector personnel need top wages… or they will desert to the private sector.’
  A brief look at University bigwigs bumper salaries and the knock on effect on tuition fees demonstrates this phenomena: those kids are walking bonuses, ripe to be squeezed.  And, hey ho; it’s the Government who will take the rap from ‘Labour’.  I was in the middle of the student riots – I was on Whitehall when the mounted police charged straight at me two years ago.  But some of that anger aimed at the toffs should be redirected: it was the lunatics of Blair and Brown who bankrupted the country.  Brown even thought it a good idea to telegraph the sale of half our bullion to secure the next election.  OUR bullion, not the fucking ‘Labour’ Party’s.     
  The public sector is treated like one big oozing money tree.  Think Sally Bercow dragging the institution of Parliament into the gutter as she makes her quick buck.
  In Durham, the new owners of Windlestone Hall have decided to remain anonymous.   Let’s keep an eye on the nearby golf club; see if the flash car belonging to Councillor Henig, or some smoother operator in the finance department happens to be parked up there when the new Lord of the Manor turns up for a round of golf.  Waiting for that fat brown envelope for services rendered.
  ‘Labour Party?  There ain’t an ounce of labour in the bastards.’
  Pete, hod-carrier, in conversation with me on a building site in Seven Sisters, Hackney, 2010. 
I won’t tell you what else he said, but Gordon Ramsay would have winced.  It’s a shame those journos don’t do a surprise vox-pop at the Labour Conference…
  Andrew Marr: ‘Show your hands to the camera.’
  ‘Huh?  Why?’
  ‘Just show us your hands.’
  ‘Ahh, okay.  What’s this about?’
  ‘Thought so.  Soft as a baby’s arse.  You’re a con mate.  You and the rest of you.  Tell me; how does that make you feel?’