Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lt Gen Sir John Kiszely

The BBC have been fast to slam war hero Lt Gen Sir John Kiszely for muttering at 'boring' events.  The same BBC who have slavishly protected paedophile Jimmi Savile for a generation.  Sir John was my overall commander in Bosnia in 1996/1997; the NATO chief in charge of what was called MND SW - Multi National Division South West; the Brit area of operations (and Dutch, although no-one in Bosnia/NATO ever speaks of their role after Srebrenica.)
  General Kiszely seemed a square-away guy, a Bill Clinton of bosses.  I saw him land on our helipad at Gornji Vakuf and again at some bridge for a pressing of hands event with the mayor at some bridge the Gurkha Engineers had built (wooden).  I even steamed in to some of their famous curry - for once without the goat bones because a big boss was eating.  Still streets ahead of the Brit food, lads!
  I thought the guy was squared away then, pre-Google- and googling him I hear he led a company level bayonet attack against the Argentinians on Tumbledown.  Now that's a hero in my book.  
  I'll write the first line of this blog again, with a small amendment: The BBC have been fast to slam war hero Lt Gen Sir John Kiszely for muttering at 'boring' events, allegedly - according to them - turning them into corporate shindigs.  But bear in mind: The BBC spiked  a Newsnight story into the child rapist Jimmy Savile.  The big question is - who calls the shots with the clowns at the BBC? They slag off a war hero, then ignore internal complaints of child rape?  Ahoy - BBC - we're watching you guys.  And when we find you lacking; we'll be onto you!
  During the war these guys were the epitomy of truth.  Now they're a nest of socialists and paedophiles. 

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