Sunday, 4 November 2012

Cut and slash and blame it on the ConDems... 'Labour's' cynical approach to belt-tightening

JOBLESS scumbag dumping ground Tower Hamlets in East London has decided to sell off a bronze Henry Moore statue because of of 'unprecedented' budget cuts, sparking outrage from Moore's daughter Mary, Danny Boyle and others.
  Last month (Oct 2012) mayor Lutfur Rahman said: "It is with great regret that I take this decision but we are faced with a stark choice in these times of recession.'
  The idea, post-war, was to put art within reach or ordinary people - now Rahman's intent on selling his borough's assets to the highest bidder which is totally against the spirit of Moore's gift to the community, in this case Britain's poorest borough.
  Comrade Lutfur's salary is £65,000 - the average salary of his constituents is a fifth of that.
  Andrew Gilligan's Telegraph report on the parasite - link.